You asked for it. We heard you.

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Giving traders what they want

You asked for it. We have listened. Following the demands of our traders and remaining committed to providing plenty of educational resources, we have organised a series of regular seminars conducted by our trading experts.

Our seminars bring together all the expert knowledge and trading insights to help you on your trading journey. Designed by our experienced team, EDCMarket seminars aim to provide valuable and useful knowledge by offering the opportunity to meet our team in person.

If you have any questions about our upcoming seminars, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Why attend a seminar from EDCMarket?

Get the facts directly from the experts

Learn about the latest market trends and expand your knowledge

Question and answer sessions to discuss in person, ask your questions and find out everything you want to know about trading

Past seminars from EDCMarket?

The company recently held a successful seminar in the city to discuss the topic of investing in today's market environment. Participants were presented with unique investment opportunities that differ from traditional methods and can yield high returns in the current market conditions. Investment experts presented various strategies to help investors cope with the uncertainty and risks associated with investing in the current economic climate. Participants were satisfied with the information received and many of them were interested in further cooperation with the company in the field of investments.

The company held a seminar on investing in the current market conditions. During the event, unique opportunities were presented to investors covering various investment instruments and strategies. The company's experts discussed the current state of the market, its prospects and risks, and gave advice on choosing the most profitable investment opportunities in the current situation. Participants received valuable knowledge and information to help them make informed investment decisions.

The company recently organised a seminar in the city to look at investment opportunities in the current market conditions. The company's experts presented unique investment products and strategies which will allow investors to maximise profits with minimal risks. Participants were able to ask questions and receive answers from the experts, as well as share their experiences with other participants. A friendly and professional atmosphere was created, which fostered active communication and mutual support among participants. Overall, the seminar was very interesting and useful for all participants.

The company successfully organised the Smart Money in the Markets forum, where the most topical topics in the field of investment and finance were discussed. The forum brought together investment professionals and newcomers, as well as representatives of banks, investment companies and other organisations that work in this field. Various approaches and strategies for investing in the markets were presented, as well as the latest technologies and tools that can help investors increase their profits. The forum also included interactive sessions, master classes and panel discussions, which helped participants share their experiences and learn about best practices in investing. Overall, the forum turned out to be very useful and interesting for all those present, and helped to strengthen the company's position in the investment community.

Upcoming seminars from EDCMarket?

A seminar on "EU Real Estate Investment" is planned and will take place in London in 2023.

A seminar on "HOW TO BUY GOLD AND SILVER ON THE BUREAU" is scheduled to take place in Tashkent in autumn 2023.

A seminar on "Investing in raw materials mining companies" is scheduled to take place in Almaty, in autumn 2023.